Pink Stairway

The 61 Steps to Becoming a Writer

"29. We’d sneak off into the forest and sit on the stump beneath the old oak tree and we’d write and write until our fingers turned black and blue."

Candy Stripes

"Maybe it was the way you looked at me
like you knew that when I was young I used to make
my Barbies hold hands behind peeling door frames"


"She is sitting on a ripped green couch eating peanut butter from the jar with a spoon. She drops a spoonful of peanut butter on the couch and quickly gets up and flips over the cushion. She lies back down too casually, acting as though nothing happened."

Rainbow Light Art


It's been a whole summer.




You grew a whole baby since then."

Tin Wall

"Four (4) referrals carelessly crushed into crystalline snowflakes"

Green Leaf

"Anyway, in the dream I said, 'Did you know that keys don’t grow on trees they grow

underground like grass roots that cluster together like a spider web or the hair in your

drain?' And I was so stuck on why that is."

Modern Structure

"I told you, when he came out of the womb nine months ago his face was purple and parasitic and his eyes were like black holes that said: ‘No thanks. It’s much too cold out here. Please, just put me back where you found me.’"