"It’s like if I’m being kind to the world then I’m being kind to myself. We should take all the battles personally as much as we can."


"Filled with sickly-sweet hits and bass-heavy bangers, this album is paving the way for an entirely new, subversive style of music."


"I give everybody a shot at basically spreading their love, whatever direction it comes from and whatever direction it’s going."


"This past week, [Royal Mountain Records] took an unprecedented step for a record label by creating a fund to assist the acts on its roster in getting treatment for mental health and addiction issues."


"I think that this upcoming album that we’ve made really feels like the most Said The Whale Said The Whale album there’s ever been. It feels like a totally distilled version."


"Their beautiful harmonies bounced off of each other and you couldn’t tell where one voice ended and another began."

"He addresses isolation and the absurdity of human existence over top of modern electronic instrumentals, creating a sense of nostalgic euphoria."


"The album sees Yanya’s gritty, versatile vocal lines intertwining with killer, fuzzy guitar riffs and refined, shimmery synths."

"Beyond the historic setting, Field Trip comes alive with a series of installations that involve photography, painting, technology, fashion, and more."


"Jayne Trimble, the force behind Oxlip, has haunting vocals and unique songwriting talents that bring together a variety of genres that range from folk to traditional to modern indie."


"The groovy, eclectically soulful tunes break genres with reggae, R&B, and calypso influences while simultaneously accessing a sort of guitar-driven rock."


"I feel like love is just really seeing someone. What I mean by that is being able to feel vulnerable with someone and still feel safe"


"Molly Rankin’s noisy melancholy transports you to a day at the beach filled with sun-bleached hair and salty waves."


"I found that Charlotte Cardin’s voice was able to both remind me of Winehouse’s creative, playful vocals while still feeling completely new and unique."


"If you’re looking for an album that will energize you into a strong, powerful force to be reckoned with, this is the record for you."